Back To School Shopping

My very, very, special friend MB has blessed our lives with three glorious daughters to whom we get to be adopted grand parrents. One of the best things about being Pop Pop and Nana is giving them the special little things that mom is not too sure they really need. The last couple of years we took them back to school shopping after mom did the stuff they really needed. What a treat this is for us. I still get a sick stomach at the end of every August remembering how badly I felt because I could never afford to get my kids the things they really wanted for going back to school. This shopping spree is a great antidote to that pane. Here is an email I received the other day that really made me smile.

The newest form of currency in our household is “the sparkly Sperry’s”. Don’t want to wash the dishes? Your sister will do them if she can wear the sparkly Sperrys tomorrow. Who will loan who some cash? That depends, who gets to wear the sparkly Sperrys?
Nettie is at her first school dance tonight. What do you suppose that she is wearing?
All this to say, your gift is a much beloved hit!
Thank you!

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