Listening to October

I wrote this a few years ago but it still says how I feel about October.

The other day I came home from work and as usual the first thing I did was let our dog out into the back yard. The sun was setting and since we have the most beautiful sunsets in the world, I walked out on the porch just to better enjoy one of the things I can see.
We live on a small lake and the sun almost always shows off just before it seems to drop into the water. The autumn light seems especially wonderful even if it is only in my memory, I sure can conjure up those memories when I need them. Then I noticed the geese on the lake. They sounded almost like a traffic jam in New York City. My dog who usually barks at anything he decides does not belong, was not even paying any attention to the geese. This reminded me that the geese belong here in the fall and it started me thinking about how wonderful autumn sounds. The dog was wandering around the yard and I could hear everywhere he went because of the leaves he was romping through.
The next morning I was waiting for my ride to work and it was warm enough to leave the inside door open. I realized I could actually hear the leaves floating down from the trees. When my ride arrived I could hear the car drive over the acorns. It sounded like pop corn in my drive way.
We still sleep with the windows open and during the night the ducks are still swimming in the lake an calling to one another. In the early morning the geese fly over the house and sometimes you can hear them land in the water. They coordinate their every move and sound like a ballet.
Even when the windows are closed, because they are not tightly locked, I can still feel connected with the outdoors. Soon we will put the glass panel in the storm Door and pull all the levers to lock the windows and shut ourselves off from life outside.
I think that is why winter seems so long for me. I can’t hear the world around me. By February the sound of silence is making me crazy. For now I am going to enjoy every minute of the sound of October.

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