Road Trip Anyone?

Wish I Could Hit The Road

Sometimes when I am driving, as a passenger of course, down a certain kind of road, my wander lust really kicks in. You know the kind of road I mean. A two lane road in the country that winds its way through anywhere. This hits me near where I live and far away as well. It is especially bad if it is early in the morning. I don’t know where this comes from but it gets worse as I get older.

Lately I have really been hit with road trip fever. Anyone want to take a road trip? Anyone need a passenger who is willing to read up on the places you want to go and fill your head with facts, some of them even true? I will listen to any music although I prefer recorded books. Books will be provided by the passenger. I will eat anywhere. Please don’t make me listen to sports on the radio unless it is baseball in the summer with the windows down.

I am talking myself into leaving. It is a good thing I don’t drive.

I love going somewhere I have never been and I love visiting places I love. I am not big on busy cities or traffic jams but the right book can make even that work.

I do not complain about how someone drives just don’t ask me for directions.

There are some people who know me who are probably laughing by now.

I love road books and here are a few of my favorite but I am always looking for suggestions:
In The Footsteps of Johnson and Boswell by Israel Shenker

Be careful, this one brought me to Scotland twice.

Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon

You probably want to have someone hide the keys to your car.

Travels with Charlie by John Steinbeck
I read it twice. I want his camper right now!

Roads: Driving America’s Great Highways by Larry McMurtry

He has figured out how to do shorter trips. I am not big on the highway thing but he is sure the expert on what happened where.

I am trying to figure out how I can do a consulting job that is a road trip. Won’t someone pay me to take a road trip? I promise to take good notes and share.

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