Whoopee Whoopie

A few years ago, some good friends of ours decided to start a Whoopie Pie company. Although this seemed kind of odd, Julie and Allan are really smart people and would not just jump off the edge into a vat of batter without knowing what they were doing. We all sat back and watch the future unfold.

I never heard of Whoopie pies until I moved to New England. They are really kind of a big deal around here. There are Whoopie competitions. Maine and Massachusetts fight for the right to say their whoopies are the best.

Well, in my opinion, the best Whoopies are at http://www.chococoabaking.com. This is the home of the Chococoa Baking Company the creation of our friends Julie Ganong and Allan Mons. Each Whoopie is about two bites of heaven. Made with the best natural ingredients they come individually or three in a package. Perfect marketing in my opinion. You can visit their web site to find out where you can find these tasty treats.

Recently they opened a small cafe in Newburyport. You can find location information on their web site. You will find this areas best coffee, Whoopies and other treats made by local bakers. My favorite is the vegetable and egg pastry. This treat makes me feel like I am treating myself with something healthy. Equipped with fast internet and friendly atmosphere you will want to linger and maybe have a second cup of coffee. Take a bag of Whoopies to nibble later in the day in case life gets tough or you deserve something special.

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