Have I Packed Yet

Have I packed Yet?

The answer is no, I don’t even have the suitcase out. Sunday morning we leave for Thailand. The dog sitter will arrive early Sunday morning and we are off. We leave Boston and fly to Chicago and then off to Japan where we almost run to our flight to Bangkok. We go from that airport to a smaller one by shuttle and cross a bridge to our badly needed bed for one night and then we meet our friend Larry the next morning, very early, and fly to Chiang Rai. We have 5 relaxing days hopefully with many elephant encounters and Thai food. The next Sunday we fly to Bangkok for the WBU/ICEVI conference where we will be for the entire week. I am looking forward to all the new technology from other parts of the world. Who knows what I will find. I also hope Thailand has stocked up on scarves.

I am hoping to have internet so I can blog through this trip. I know I will have it in Bangkok so I will report in on the exhibits.

I will do the packing tomorrow.

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