Three Flights and too Many hours

Too Many Hours 3 Flights later

Here we are, watching election returns on an Australian channel in chiang rai Thailand. This is our first morning in the Dusit Island Resort. I have arrived in heaven and why am I watching election returns? I had my first good night sleep in I have know idea how many days.

Last night we went into the night market and did some shopping. We ended up at an outside café in the center of the action relaxing with drinks and little bits of food. There were musicians playing Thai music and a little Western music as well. They were really good or we were really tired.

I have a lot to write and I don’t have a lot of time so I will catch up later. Now I will write about my surroundings. The grounds are amazing. Acres and acres of gardens. They have huge herb and vegetable gardens and we will eat the produce. We had lunch here yesterday and the food was amazing. I am going to bring home the idea of putting hot pepper and other spices on my fresh fruit. Why don’t I eat pineapple at home?

We have a suite of rooms with a large terrace over looking the river and mountains. We have lounge chairs to relax on. Our resort is on an Island in the river. Across the river is a small farm complete with a goat to talk to me.

Our rooms are furnished with dark heavy furniture. I am always surprised with this type of furniture in Asia. I would think they would use light smaller furniture. This works because our rooms are huge. We have fresh fruit and flowers in our rooms. I will find it hard to leave here. Oh, wait; I do live on a lake.

We are traveling with our friend Larry and he has been here before. I love being shown a place by someone who loves it and speaks my language. Once again I need to say how important my friends are to me. We were talking, last night, about how when we were young we used to start planning trips three years in advance. We had all the time in the world and our friends would always be there. Now, we are all older and have begun loosing our friends. We need to take advantage of every moment and fill our days with the company we may not always have.

We have no idea what we will do today. There is the lovely pool, or maybe a massage. We can go visit gardens and temples, take a boat ride in the river or a ride on an elephant. What ever we do it will involve wonderful food, lots of love and laughter, and memory making.

I promise to write again soon.

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