Go Obama

Go Obama

Last night when we were in the night market a lady selling scarves and I started an Obama chant. It must have worked. We would have been doing it just about when the poles opened.

After a wonderful Thai breakfast, no eggs made it to any of our plates, we settled in to watch the election returns. What great results. To celebrate we went for a two hour massage. After that entire election and campaign we needed it. Then a few minutes at the pool and some time for reading and it was time for dinner.

We ate in the fancy steak house in our hotel in honor of Larry’s birthday. The food was good but the entertainment was better. A government secretary of something or other came in with his gaggle of aids and security guys. The secretary was loud and working the room and all the minions were busy looking important. The more they drank the louder they got. The louder they got the more they talked on their cell phones. Some of them had multiple cell phones. No one seemed to be able to tell us exactly who this guy was but he was certainly someone important. If he had been able to speak English and if he even noticed there was someone else in the room he surely would have told us all about who he was.

Now we are back in our room, our nice quiet room.

Maybe I will sit out side for a while before I go to sleep.

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