Last Day In Chiang Rai

Last Day in Chiang Rai

Just getting up on our last day reminded me we were leaving. The thought of packing and saying good by to our little piece of paradise was going to make me very very sad. We were up very early. I took some time to sit out on our porch. Sitting out there at the start and finish of every day had been a great way to enjoy our surroundings. The outside music in the evenings and smells and sound of the morning were so pleasant. We had our usual big Thai breakfast consisting of a rice soup with special things to add like little pork meat balls, mushrooms and ginger, a plate of fresh fruit and some other curried dish have become my favorite breakfast.

We decided to go to a museum that contained a private collection of antiques. We took a taxi and found the building with no trouble. The owner was a member of the royal family, some kind of distant cousin. He really had quite a collection. His wife must have been thrilled when he moved it out of the house. The building surrounded a lovely garden and consisted of many small spaces on all different levels. We had our own private tour guide. The spaces were set up so you always had each space to your own little group. They were all separated from one another with steps and doors. Most of the collection was under glass but there were a lot of things for me to touch. People could have weddings in one of the spaces and it seemed that there was even a room where they could spend their first night among beautiful treasures. It was kind of weird actually. At the end of the tour we were given tea in very special cups. It was a good thing our dish buying days are over.

Then we went back to the hotel planning to meet for dinner and go into town to the square and see a special clock with a light and music show. Larry got sick and Neal got chicken so we stayed in the hotel. Our dinner was alright. Actually part of it was wonderful. We had a sampling of local sausages that was pretty amazing. Then it was packing time and time for sleep.

Thank goodness Larry was better in the morning and we were off to the airport.

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