Here We Are in the Big city

Here We Are In The Big City

Bangkok is huge and over whelming. We are staying in the Imperial Queen’s Palace Hotel. It is too big and much more expensive. They have done some things to make it blind friendly and I am not too happy with some of them. It took us forever for them to find our reservation and we think it was because they had not had us in a blindness room. There are very large white numbers stuck on our door. As you walk through the halls you see these large numbers now and again. It makes me think of Pass Over and that something is going to happen or not happen to the people in the marked rooms. Also, in our room, we found a very large planter shoved to the side of the room and Neal noticed a large, round piece of glass behind the desk. This had been a coffee table that someone decided was dangerous to blind people. We set it back up. What would a blind person think the huge planter was for? How many sighted people have walked into a coffee table? It seems to me the coffee table is dangerous to anyone.

We took the train to the week end market. It is really really hot here and even more crowded. The train was pretty easy to use once we figured out how to buy our tickets. We got to the market and OMG, what a crowd. We lasted about ten minutes. I have been there before and I don’t remember such crowds. It was over 20 years ago and I was a lot younger. Maybe those two things made a difference. We made our way out and came home. I could never have shopped there. There was so much stuff. Every shoe on the planet earth must have found there way to that market for Sunday afternoon.

We ended up having dinner in our room and now it is five in the morning and we are up for a very long work day.

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