Back At Work

Back At Work

Sorry I have been neglecting this blog. I was ill yesterday but managed to sleep it off. I think it was something we passed around and I was the last one to get it.

We had dinner tonight with our friends from Nippon telesoft at a Thai Hot Pot restaurant. The food was great and the laughter was our dessert. We always have so much fun when we are with them.

We did an everything Temple tour this morning. Our guide spoke clear English and was a serious character. We visited three temples and about a million Buddha’s. The Golden one and the reclining ones were the most amazing. I was here 22 years ago and saw them when I had more vision so it was fun to visit them again.

We are still missing our chiang Rai hotel.

It is some kind of hot here.

Our TV only gets Fox and C and N TV. I am getting tired of ranting television.

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