Second Chance For This Hotel

Second Chance for The Hotel

I know I kind of bashed this hotel a few days ago but I do need to give it credit where credit is due.

We have one of those control panels that runs everything in the room. It is entirely labeled in braille. This is not the case in all the rooms but it is true in the rooms with the big white numbers. Also, there are stickers of different shapes on the bath amenities. This is really a nice touch.

One more day on the show floor although I am pretty much off duty. Then I have meetings for two days.

We went to the fancy big mall today. They have all the big label stores but it was kind of fun to just walk around.

We are back from dinner and ready to crash. I will finish a book tonight and then I get to decide what I will read next.

Saturday morning, Neal will give the week end market another try. This time he has a map. I am kind of surprised he is up to this but everyone says that is the place to shop.
How will he ever bargain without me?

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