Book Share Does It Again

Book Share Does It Again

Recently I discovered the audio version of books on Book Share. These books are text files that have been recorded in extremely high quality speech. If you are reading your Book Share books on a victor Stream or similar device you will be glad to have access to these really well done audio books.

I guess I should take a step back in case some of you don’t know about Book Share. You should really visit to get the full scoop. If you are unable to read print books because of a disability you can join Book share. Students can usually join at no cost but I have no trouble justifying paying $50 per year for my membership. I think the first year is $75 but well worth the price. You will be amazed at how many books they have for people of all ages with any interest. I like checking out what books they have from the New York Times best seller list that is published every month. This is also a good source for all the books you want from the new author you just discovered. While my husband is paying for his books I just go on line and download my books.

There is also an Iphone AP that you can purchase that lets you read books off your phone. When you download on your phone you don’t even need to unzip the book.

Often I discover an author on NLS and then go hunting for everything that person ever wrote. This was especially useful when I was stuck in my thirties period.

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