Touch Dome Watches

Dear Friends,

I want to let you know how you can support a new company that is trying to launch a series of fashion watches that includes a fashionable new option for people with low vision.

The TouchDome watch company is currently on the crowd funding site Kickstarter and is raising money to launch a mainstream line of fashion watches. Included in this product line is a wrist watch called the “Weekender.”

Due to the high resolution and the large dial, I believe the Weekender watch provides a nice, fashionable option for the low vision community.

I met TouchDome’s founder, Kathleen Wolff,almost two years ago and learned of her commitment to create wrist watches suitable forpeople who are visually impaired. Her passion comes from her experience with a close friend who lost his vision in a battle with cancer. She bought a talking watch, but was disappointed by the quality and the limited selection.

She is on a mission to create wrist watches that are not only suitable for low vision, but include a new, fashionable audio watch for the blind with unique functionality. This Kickstarter campaign for these fashion products establishes her company and moves her one step closer to that goal.
I invite you to visit TouchDome Kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $32,500 which will permit TouchDome to move forward with manufacturing. Delivery of the product is scheduled for July, 2013. However, if this goal is not achieved, the product series will not be made available and your pledge will not be charged.

The Weekender watches start at $89. However, a pledge of any amount is sincerely appreciated!

To learn more about the TouchDome watch company and its founder, see this month’s edition of Georgetown Alumni Magazine.

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