Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

Friday brought us the snow storm that will forever be known as the 2013 storm. On February 8th 1919 another force to remember came into the world. My father, Raymond Gaedke was born in the city of Chicago.

My dad was the real driving force in my childhood. My parents kind of played good cop bad cop while I was growing up. My dad taught me to fight for what I believed in and never gave me extra points for being visually impaired. At least once a day he would tell me that since I was the oldest I should know better.
I never knew what that meant but I knew I would never say it to my oldest.
I did most of my fighting with him and spent a lot of time being grounded because of those fights. Just before he died he told me he was very proud of me for fighting with him.

I think somewhere in my heart I always knew that was the case.

He believed in tough love and I always knew he loved me.

Once, I think in the eighties, I gave him a Dan Fogelberg album and told him to figure out what song made me give him the album. Of course it was Leader Of The Band.

A few days later my mom called and said the song made him cry. I think that was the only time I made him cry, at least I hope so.

I can’t hear that song anywhere without crying. If you are with me in the car or restaurant or even a shopping mall and that song starts just be patient with me. I am crying happy tears.

I think my dad sent that storm on his birthday to give me one more test. He must have thought I needed just a little more character building.

I love you dad.

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