the Pilot Did Not Put The Seat Down

The Pilot Did Not Put the Seat Down

I could not resist using that title. It is true, flying to Florida on an American Air Line flight I had to wait behind the little fence while the pilot used the bathroom. He really did leave the seat up.
Thursday morning we left the snow and our little dog with the house sitter and headed to the airport.
I do a lot of complaining about my husband’s need to
Make what ever status he does not have on American Airlines but Yesterday I was very glad to settle into the first class seat with my glass of sparkling water. The white wine came later with lunch.

I had the best orientation to the emergency equipment that I ever had. First of all the very charming flight attendant, I think her name was Carolynn, gently asked me if I was blind. Then she asked me to reach up to the ceiling where she was holding the oxygen mask for me to pull down and place the elastic strap over my head. I also got to put the masque on Neal just in case he needed my help. Next I took the life jacket out of the pocket under my seat. Now honestly, haven’t you always wanted to do that just once? She gave me a life jacket that was already unpacked and had me put it on and even pull the chord to inflate it. Darn it, it did not inflate, it was jus a sample one to play with.

She also explained, in great detail, why I really wanted to wait for the flight attendant to come and get me in case of an emergency. I am still not totally convinced on that one.

Anyway, this was really pretty cool.

Now we are in Florida and will enjoy the week end with my sister and Neal’s brother, did you know they were married? Did you know we all met at the same time?

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