You Can’t Stop Spring

You Can’t Stop Spring

This is the time of year that I can’t stop myself from posting about the glories of spring. The little green shoots that are bravely poking up there heads where a solid block of ice that has been there since the big snow, has kept them hidden until early last week. The last two days I woke up to singing birds. The spring peepers are going strong.

Monday I thought maybe there would be no spring this year. At 2:50 in the afternoon, our Massachusetts world stood still. We all checked in on one another and some people had to wait quite a while to find their loved ones. We were inundated with fear and anger. How dare someone think they can step right up to the Marathon finish line and set off a bomb full of pieces of metal meant only to hurt their fellow man?

Now that we have had time to step back and see how everyone is pulling together to help each other, we can take another look at spring. For months the ground is frozen and there is not a leaf to be seen. For months we feel like the weather may have won and then… Spring comes back to us and shows us that life not only goes on but that life will win again and again.

New Englanders are tough and know how to make it through tough times. We know how to be friends and we know how to accept friendship. We will not be taken over by people who don’t believe in spring.

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