Things Older Blind People Hate

Things Older Blind People Hate

I am not sure how long I have been writing for a blog or our old ATC web site but I think it has been about 15 years.
Several years ago I posted something called Things Blind People Hate. Now I think it is time to write about what older blind people hate.
I have had a lot of time to get used to being blind but this getting older thing is coming on much too fast. Just when I start to get used to a new pane or other issue something else seems to not be working quite right. I am sure that some things are exasperated by being blind but most of the issues seem to be age related. Please comment if you have things to add.

Could someone tell me why the floor is at least 2 inches further than it used to be when I reach down to pick something up? This is especially a problem on an airplane. Since I can’t look at the floor I am stuck with trying to feel where the thing is and it is always just out of my reach. I have decided that things dropped on the floor in front of my airplane seat are just gone forever.
Why are they putting lids on jars and bottles in some new tighter way? Why do they always use those stupid plastic rings around the cap even though you can’t open the cap without a vice? What has happened to the strength in my thumbs? Should I have been doing thumb exercises? I actually have found a great jar opener and I will post it on my products I like section.
Why do they have all that background music on TV shows? I don’t want to by the album on I Tunes; I just want to be able to hear the show.
Why do I need vision to turn on audio description?
Why do all condiments come in the same plastic bottles?
Why can I no longer reach the back of the inside of my front loading washer?
When did they start making floors that are so uncomfortable to sit on?
If you have been using a screen reader or screen enlargement software, I think they should give you free upgrades after 65. Social Security was not designed to pay for all this technology that we are now hooked on.
Why do the audio description devices in movie theaters so rarely work? Should we carry our own batteries?
Why are the airplane over head call light buttons on a flat panel that you cannot feel?

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