Saturday Afternoon and Evening in NY

Saturday afternoon and Evening in NY
We ended up taking a taxi to the Village for our pub crawl. We all met at the White Horse Tavern. The group was small. I think there were three leaders and maybe 5 people attending. We started with beer and lots of stories about writers from the late 1800s into the middle of last century. I had no idea Dylan Thomas spent so much time in New York. I enjoyed the stories about Edgar Allen Poe. We visited three taverns and walked around quite a bit. We learned that plaques that were maroon or blue were true and not so much the other ones. Greenwhich is sure an amazing place. We had a great time and spent 4 hours walking, learning, and of course drinking.
Then the three of us went back to our hotel to figure out what to do about dinner. Neal started to not feel well. We had coupons that would pay for our dinner that were part of our PLEASE BUY OUR TIME SHARE package. Dianne and I picked out a restaurant and headed out. We brought chicken soup and a cheese Berger back for Neal.
I should say something about our room or I should say our apartment. We have a bedroom and living room. The bathroom is quite large and has a big tub and shower. However, it is all just a little too modern for me. We can only see other buildings from our windows. One of the things I like to do in a big city is open the curtains when I go to bed and see the city lights. Since lights are really all I can see, I really enjoy this. It is not happening in this room. For New York this place is huge and I should not complain.

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