More Planning of the Austria Trip

Moving Forward on Austria Plans
We spent part of Saturday finding hotels in Vienna and Salzburg. A wonderful Woman in Vienna, who works for Care Tech, has been giving us hotel suggestions for Vienna. We looked them up and they all looked great. Now Neal was getting into trip planning at least for that moment. We then looked at the Rick Steves suggestions and sent room reservation emails to several hotels.
We were not sure where the apartment was located in Vienna. We sort of assumed that a business would be located a bit out of the center so we decided to select a hotel in the center of the old town so we could be close to everything for at least a couple of nights.
Well, of course, I was wrong and the apartment is in the center of things. This means we will spend all 7 nights right in the heart of Vienna. Most of what we want to see is located very close to there so this will be a real treat. There seems to be great public transportation to everywhere.
We were going so smoothly at this process that we decided to take a look at Halstatt and request some prices. We are almost ready to book for the two nights in Halstatt.
We also started looking at places to stay for our last night. We will fly out of Munich very early in the morning so we need to be close to the airport. Since we really had no idea where the train station is related to the airport we were struggling with choices. I posted a question on the Rick Steves Austria forum and had 4 good answers in no time at all. Now we will also make that booking.
All we will have left is booking the 4 nights in Salzburg. Since this is a much smaller city I think this will be less daunting.
I have finished three German lessons. I am using the Pimsleur German course. We bought it directly from and downloaded everything to my computer. We were not sure if we could load it on to a memory card that I could read on my victor. We called for help and they were great. I now have a memory card full of German lessons that I can use on my Victor Stream or Victor Classic. I like to use the Victor classic for this because it has such great sound quality without headphones. If you need to learn a little of a language before you travel, I highly suggest this company’s courses.
I will keep you posted on next steps.
I hope by writing this blog I am helping people who are visually impaired or those who know someone who is visually impaired, understand that travel can and should be an important part of your life. This does not have to be big international travel. There are wonderful places to visit everywhere. Knowing a lot about what you visit helps make things much clearer even if you are totally blind.

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