I have really been ignoring this part of my web site but I am going to post a few things in the next few days.
I am going to start with my wonderful Fitbit.
I received my fitbit for Christmas. I had a chance to look at it before we made the purchase and I knew that the I Phone App that comes with the device was completely accessible using Voice Over. I think a sighted person may be needed when the product is registered because a serial number that is required is only in print.
I have the Fitbit 1. I admit I lost it once. The unit comes with a holder that can clip on clothing but it did not hold on the waste band of my slacks. I now clip it to my bra or keep it in a pocket. Fitbit also comes with a wrist band holder to use during the night. I have not tried the sleep tracking feature but I don’t want to lose any precious steps I might take during the night.
My unit tracks steps taken, flights of stairs and calories burned. It will also tell me how many miles I walk in a day. There is a way to friend people and compete with one another. No one wants to play in my sand box I have gotten truly obsessed with this thing.
Especially in the winter it is hard for a lot of us to get out and really take good long walks. I use a tread mill and I have found a couple of good 20 step walks I can pace in my house. 5 of those walks make 100 steps and so on and so forth.
I have seen my unit priced from $69 to $99. There are Apps for other phone platforms but the I Phone is the only one I have used.
The extra good news is that I can listen to a book the entire time I walk without a moment of reading guilt.
Once you register your device the nice people at Fitbit will send you weekly progress reports and special little prizes.
Yes I am really a Fitbit junky.

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