Planning A Trip To Austria

Preparing for a Trip to Vienna

This year my wonderful husband and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary. The big event is at the end of May. When you are my age a 20 year anniversary is a really big deal. We have decided to indulge our travel lust with a trip to Austria.
We will both be attending a conference in Frankfort and then take the train to Vienna. A friend is lending us an apartment for the first 5 nights and we will probably find another place to stay and spend 2 more nights. Then, the current plan is to go to a small village called Hallstatt for some country charm. Then on to Salzburg and probably spend the last night in Munich flying out from there early in the morning.
If you have been following my blog you will know that I am the trip planner. Since we have used time shares or stayed in one place for most of our recent travel I am kind of out of practice and felt a little intimidated by this task.
I started by going to the Rick Steves web site and seeing what print books were available. There is one that covers Vienna, Salzburg and Tirol. We ordered the book. Now there is something on our coffee table that Neal might pick up and enjoy.
Then I went to both BARD and BookShare to find books on anything Austria. This would include novels, travel books, history and biographies. Although the trip is over 2 months away I am about to take the reading plunge into everything Austria.
Next it was on to the Rick Steves Austria travel forum. By the way, His stuff is really very accessible. I had no trouble registering in fact I even remembered my pass word from the last visit. There was a forum just for Austria and I posted my first question. I have received lots of really useful information. I have also met some very nice people who like travel as much as I do. I can’t say how much I suggest people use these forums. I need to get better about answering other people’s questions but then you really have to kind of watch forums for other places you have been and I am wrapped up in the places I am going.
Yesterday we booked our flights. Now we have exact dates to work with. We are getting very close to booking rooms and maybe buying some opera tickets.
I have all the Rick Steves books on my I Pad and my Victor Stream. I will set books marks and fill my head with all it will hold.
We bought German language lessons that hopefully I will be able to load on to my Victor Stream and I will start working on how to order dry white wine and all the yummy food and pastry. Oh, I will also need to ask how to go to find the bathroom and of course how much does this cost?
I will keep you posted on our plans and hopefully be able to blog while on the trip.

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