That Was The Week That Was

He Week That Was

All week I have wanted to sit down and write but…
I thought of clever things to say…
Here we are at Thursday and I have written nothing. So, I will just fill you in on what has been happening.
Spring arrived last Friday. Real spring, the kind of warm air that feels soft and safe. We did not even mind paying our taxes. Well, we almost did not mind. Those checks are always a bit tough to write. I always wish I could earmark my money and have it spent on the things I believe in. I guess that is what donations are for.
Saturday we went for a long walk on one of the Rail Trails that are in our area. The entire world was in a great mood. The day was absolutely perfect.
Sunday the wind started. We did our usual breakfast out and food shopping. Somehow eating breakfast in our favorite local place makes the grocery shopping a bit more tolerable. We shoat Whole foods and that make the experience a lot easier. The people there always make us feel like their day would not be complete if we did not show up. What do they do the other 6 days of the week? Could they have other favorite people? No way, that is not possible.
Sunday night we went to a great WGBH fund raising concert at the House of Blues in Boston. We had a nice uneventful trip in and home and even stayed up until midnight. No kidding, we are lucky if this happens three times a year.
Monday the wind came. If it is windy anywhere it is twice as windy at our house. I would think our lake is too small to make a difference in the weather but I would be very wrong. Old man winter huffed and puffed and blew spring away. By morning we had snow. Not a lot of snow but enough to make things messy. This is April in New England and weather happens but it is still not right.
Now it is cold again although nothing like what we had a few wee ago and it was not warm for long enough to get used to it. I did have the air conditioning on when I tread milled on Monday morning.
Yesterday I had a real treat. I am working with a group from the University of Vermont testing blind children to see how they use tactile interpretation in their learning process. I just was there to watch and I was totally amazed. We worked in two schools with a third grader and a sixth grader. They were both very bright totally blind young ladies with completely different learning styles. I was completely amazed to watch how they worked with the tester.
Today I did a talking book presentation for a low vision group and they were so interested in everything I had to tell tem. They were all library users but they all had questions I was able to answer. Then we just talked books and had lunch. There is nothing I like better than talking about books unless it is reading them.
By the way, I will soon be adding a new Keep Reading post to my blog.
Now it is time to do today’s German lesson. They are getting tricky. Our dog will be glad when I switch back to learning Spanish. I will be glad when I switch back to learning Spanish. This German is like listening to someone talking with their mouth full of marbles. At least that is how I sound to myself when I try to pronounce these words.

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