Confessions From My Mother’s Daughter

A Confession From My Mother’s Daughter

I have to admit that I thought hard about making this confession.
My mother, bless her heart, never could leave anything on a table in a restaurant that she felt she had paid for. This could include packets of sugar or creamer. I think this is a symptom of growing up during the depression.
Now I will wonder what I will use for my excuse.
A few weeks ago, my daughter brought me some delicious soup she had made. Itws chowder that used a mashed potato for thickening and was full of fennel and sausage. I loved it and asked her for the recipe.
We always go to breakfast the morning we grocery shop. This takes some of the sting out of a task both Neal and I hate. I had planned on making the chowder and needed to get the ingredients. I happened to mention to Neal that it seemed silly to buy cream when I only needed two table spoons for the recipe and we would never use the remainder.
Sitting just to my left was a full bowl of those coffee creamers that claim to be real milk but don’t require refrigeration. This does make one wonder. Almost spontaneously, we both reached for the creamers. I scooped up four of them and used them in the chowder.
Now, if we had not given up cream in our coffee we would have used them so is this a wrong thing to do?
The chowder was really good!

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