Final Preparations

Final preparations

We are down to the wire. Six more days until we leave. Both Neal and I are getting a bit frantic trying to get ready.
I should be out working in the garden but the weather has been too chilly and windy. We tried to get the dock in the water but the waves were flying over the dock. Yes, I said waves maybe this will get done this coming week end.

I have a million little things to do to get things ready for the house sitter. I am sure this will feel like his house before we return. We are lucky to have him. We come home to a clean house and he really loves our dog.
It seems like every time we do something off the list two more things climb on and we are further behind than when we started.
I finished the last German lesson today and now I will try to squeeze in some review before we leave.
I can ask where the bathroom is located. I can ask for very basic directions. I can count to 100 so I guess I can buy things. I can say I would like a beer, glass of wine, water, tea or coffee. I can buy gasoline. (This won’t be needed) However, if someone understands me and actually answers, my goose is cooked.
I will be able to blog from the Site City show in Frankfort. Blogging will be more difficult in Austria because some places we are staying will have no internet connection. I promise to continue to write and post when I can.
I had a birthday yesterday, so I will be making this journey as an ancient 67 year old. I think my Fitbit has helped to put me in the best shape I have been in for a while. Thanks little Fitbit. I should give it a name.
I have read about 15 books but I have plenty more to keep me busy while I am gone. When I return, I will post some of my favorite Austria reads.

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