About This German?

About Learning German

Well, I have completed the Pimsleur course on my trusty Victor and have started reviewing what I hope I learned.
Here is the thing with this German. First of all, my husband has completely given up and decided that I get to do all the talking and listening. Since I have a hearing loss, I think we should both be pretty worried. If we find ourselves in an emergency situation, I can make sure we get something to eat or drink and not much more.
I have done a bit more serious studying of Spanish and unfortunately, now is when it all comes back to me. When I am struggling to think of one of the 2 dozen words I know in German, the Spanish word pops right into my head. I hope this still happens when we are in Mexico towards the end of the year.
I have been looking for a way to explain how much German I know. I know just about as much German as I know about playing the piano. I can find middle C and a few keys around it but once I try to put the notes together it is pretty sad and not music by any means.
In Spanish I can often poke out a tune with one or two fingers.
I know if someone actually understands me well enough to answer in German I will really be stuck. I have been practicing how to say I don’t understand. I can also say please speak not so fast.
I have to hope that most people can speak some English but that really does not seem right. I should be able to speak something in their language.
I am sure we will have lots of adventures. After all, it is not the things that run smoothly that make good stories.

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