Frankfort Day 1

Frankfort Day 1
Technically this is our second day here in Germany although we did not arrive until yesterday about 11:00 am. This is the first morning we woke up here and that makes it feel real.
The trip over was basically uneventful although very long. We flew Iberian airlines and the experience was just so so. We flew into Madrid and then on to Frankfort. This was the first time I ever flew on a plane where they actually even charged for a cup of coffee and it was 2 Euros. Needless to say, we passed on the coffee and just tried to sleep.
We have been here for almost 24 hours and have not been out of the airport. We may not leave the airport for the next several days. You could live your entire life in this airport. At least there are lots of places to walk and build up your step count.
We ate lunch in a sweet little, low cost place yesterday and it was great. We had dinner in the lower cost restaurant in the Sheraton last evening and the food was amazing and not over priced. I had a glass of white wine but it was not quite dry enough. I know enough to make sure I get dry and not medium no matter what they say.
This morning we went to the giant breakfast buffet and it is as good as ever. Then we walked to the grocery store, one of two in the airport, and I picked up something for lunch. We also got tooth paste. At least we thought it was tooth paste. When we took it out of the box we found it had some kind of weird cap that looked like it should connect to some kind of machine. We think it is actually some kind of denture cream. Neal poked it open and said it tasted minty so I had to try it. Just as I was sucking it off my finger, Neal said he thought it had some kind of glue in it. His timing was perfect.
Everyone here speaks English but I have had a few chances to speak my rather shabby German.
I wonder what the weather is like out there.
Guess I will run in place for a while and bring up my step number.

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