Winding Up For Frankfort

Winding up Frankfort

I got a bit behind and now it is catch up time. We just woke up in Vienna but I will go back and finish up with the Frankfort portion of the trip.
Thursday morning started with the shower knob coming off in my hand. I was sure technology hell was following me However, I calmly screwed it back on and wondered, once again, why this hotel was so very expensive. It has been nice to be just upstairs from the conference.
In case you have been concerned. My friend Fitbit has been doing me well in Germany. Neal and I have been taking two really long walks every day and I can now run in place for over 1500 steps, almost a mile, at least twice a day.
Maybe I will write a book called Fitbit goes traveling.
I bought a wonderful new watch. I will talk MOR about it later and I will also write something for the product section on my blog. I might not get to that until I am home. Something for you to look forward to.
Thursday night we ate in the same place in the hotel. The Taverna is the less expensive restaurant although it is still pretty pricey. The food is really good and the servers very friendly. Everyone in this hotel speaks perfect English but they smile and willingly help me with my German.
Friday evening we went out and enjoyed some German air. It was a lovely sunny evening and we took a taxi to another hotel to meet some friends for dinner. We got a little lost when we got out of the taxi. This was a small hotel in a lovely little neighborhood with actual flowers. I felt like I was back in my universe and not in the air locker of the hotel and airport. We had a great dinner. This was a German Greek restaurant with perfect white wine and everything goat cheese. We laughed and talked until quite late. We ended our meal with ouso and brought back memories of our time in Crete. It always makes me smile when we go so far away to have time to visit with our American friends.
Saturday morning we were up early. We were all packed the night before. I am so proud of us for traveling with two carry-on bags and a very small back pack. Actually Neal just reminded me that it is a day pack.
The train station is in the airport. After our last lovely breakfast, the strong point of this hotel, we gathered our bags into their little stack and were off. The adventure was really beginning. We were well rested and ready to go.
The train was exactly on time. We had reserved seats and they were easy to find. Our tickets were even on a special price. We road second class and this was like the fancy train at home. We had a nice table between us and the two seats facing us. For most of the trip those facing seats were empty. This was a seven and a half hour ride but it did not seem that long. I studied German a bit and read the rest of the time. When ever we were a little ahead of schedule we waited at the stop a few extra minutes. They are very serious about these trains running exactly on time. They have connections set up to work just right. There are lots of reasons that I could fit right in around here.
I will stop here and right more later about ariving in Vienna.

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