Ariving in Vienna

Arriving in Vienna

Our train pulled in right on time. This was not a surprise. We walked out of the station a grabbed a taxi. The driver had no trouble finding the address but then the trouble started.
We were left off and walked to the building we wanted. We were under the impression that someone would meet us. Stephanie, our host, expected to meet our train. There was no one to meet us and let us in and it was kind of chili. We had no phone number, completely my fault. Two nice ladies let us into the building but they did not seem to know the people we were looking for. I thought maybe we would be camping in the hall way but at least we were in the building. Low and behold. Stephanie showed up feeling badly that she missed us at the train. This was a case of the not quite best plans gone a stray.
We dropped off our bags and hit the streets with Stephanie showing us around. We picked up some groceries and stopped for our first coffee and pastry, apple strudel. Then Stephanie left and we rested a bit.
Although we were not really hungry we decided to go out for a walk. We needed more steps. We did work up an apatite but we did not want anything serious and we did not want to spend a lot of money.
For the second night in a row we chose Greek. We ate at a very tiny place called Ella’s Ouzeria on 21 Wollzeile. The food was really great and the prices were not very high at all.
We are staying on Stubenbastei and the restaurant was very close to us.
We are in district 1 just inside the ring road.

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