Waking Up In Vienna

Waking Up In Vienna

We woke up refreshed and ready to go.
Let me talk a bit more about our apartment. We were lent this wonderful space by someone Neal and I know through work. The company, Care Tech is located on the first floor of this medium size apartment building. This means that it is the second floor by American floor counting. We are directly above. This gives us just the right amount of stairs to climb when we get home. The apartment is light and airy and furnished in a basic way with wonderful hand made wooden counters and storage spaces. We even have a washing machine which is an unexpected gift.
We took a walk after having coffee at home and found St Steven’s square in time to hear all the Sunday morning church bells. We had coffee and pastry at Aida’s. I had the cheese pastry I have been lusting after and it was amazing.
We then proceeded to get good and lost. We got our first directions home from two men cleaning the street. The second directions from the staff where we had breakfast and finally the lucky third directions from one of the many Mozarts wandering around selling theater tickets. We made it home just in time to meet Stephanie and Birgit. Birgit was going to be our tour guide for the day.
Unfortunately, it was raining and a bit cold. This did not stand in our way. We were handed an umbrella and I was given a warm sweater. We were off. We headed back to St Steven’s square, the center of the circle formed by the ring road. We walked almost ten miles before the day was over and a lot of it in the rain. It was that kind of rain that never really made you wet and the umbrella helped.
Birget is Dietmar and Stephanie’s daughter. She has just completed three years of training to become a tour guide. She did a great job and I hope things go well for her. She speaks four languages and really knows the city and its history. We took the tram home and even that was very cool.
We had less than an hour to rest and then Stephanie drove us up to the Vienna woods.
Neal, Stephanie and I walked up a long hill and enjoyed the quiet fragrant woods. At the top we overlooked Vienna and the river. We had a surprise extra treat. Someone had a drone with a camera that they were flying over the valley. It was filming places we could not see because they were too close to the hill. The view being seen by the drone was being shown on a decent size monitor. This was both very impressive and kind of scary.
Then we drove down the mountain a bit to a lovely restaurant. I wish it had been just a bit warmer so we could have eaten outside. The sun had come out and it was a lovely evening.
The restaurant was called Weingut Heuriger Welser Werner in Heligenstadt. The food was pretty good but they did have live music. The dry white wine was my favorite thing. I had asparagus once again.
We drove home and Deitmar walked us around the big city park that is near us. We had a lovely evening in Vienna.
We were asleep before our heads hit the pillows.

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