Monday In Vienna

Monday in Vienna

We started our day with breakfast at the Englander. Neal was able to get a breakfast that was more his breakfast style and I had Yogurt and additions that suited me quite nicely.
It seems like we spent most of yesterday being lost. We did, however, get 19,000 steps. Thanks Fitbit for keeping us on track.
We found the TI near the Opera House and bought tickets for to music events including the Opera on Thursday night and a tour to Melk for Thursday.
We then had Sachre Torte at the Sachre Café, the mother ship of this amazing dessert. We also ordered a bowl of soup and split both the soup and pastry. Well, I ate most of the pastry. This dessert is lives up to its reputation. The soup was tasty as well.
Next we played find the tram stop. This was after we bought our tickets and wandered the subway. We did the ring tour using the Rick Steves audio tour and it was great. We used Neal’s cell phone to play it and shared a set of head phones. I bought a splitter but grabbed the wrong thing when I packed. I strongly suggest downloading all his walking tours. If you are exhausted you can just lie on your bed and play them. It also gives you a way to learn before you travel and remember after you get home.
We made our way back to the apartment for a well deserved nap. I am reading the Memorist and it is a great book to read while here. The book is working up to a big terrorist type attack of the Musikberin. This is where we were headed after our nap.
After a good rest we were off again heading towards our Mozart concert. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant called Go Gourmet. Our food was really good and not too expensive. I had what they called gourmet rolls made from salmon, tuna, mango and other goodies.
Next it was time for our concert. This was one of the Mozart concerts where the orchestra wears clothing from the 18th century and plays Mozart music including pieces from sympanies and operas. They closed the event with two pieces that were not on the program and were not Mozart but typical Viennese and the audience loved them. We had a great time.
Next we got lost one more time trying to get home. The streets really all do look alike. Finally we got a taxi and chickened out of getting more steps.
We sure did appreciate our bed.
I don’t know where the time is going. There is so much to do and not enough time or energy.
I still don’t have email.

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