Tuesday In Vienna

Tuesday In Vienna
Vienna is much flatter than I expected. It is an easy walking city. Even the cobble stones are not bad and mostly we have been walking on flat paving stones. Maybe they were never used as amunition during a revolt?
I kind of wined about walking and getting lost. We are running out of time and I am using up all my energy and not having any left to do what we set out to do. Tuesday we started using public transportation and Neal did a great job finding our way. I really can never complain about getting lost since I am absolutely no help. Besides being blind I have no sense of direction. Eventually, I think I could find my way around here by using the ring and St Stevens like a kind of compass.
We ate breakfast in our neighborhood and headed to Schonbrunn Castle. We got the subway across the street from our house and made a quick change and we were there. My back said thank you the entire way.
We did the grand tour and we were kind of tired at the end. There was really nothing to touch although they did have a very small tactile exhibit with braille and I mean very small. We used the audio guides that came with our tickets and they are not accessible for a blind person. They had touch screens. Apple needs to talk to them. In my next life I would love to promote making every audio guide usable by a blind person. The solution is so close.
We had a light lunch in the garden. If you like roses this is the time to visit this lovely castle and its gardens.
Next it was back on the heavenly train and home for a nap. The day was hot compared to the weather we have had so far.
Our time is melting away.
After our nap we headed back to the Opera Square area for dinner. We had half a plan to visit the music museum but dinner was the priority. We ate at Huth on Stabtgasthaus. We had an outside table with great people watching.
It took forever for someone to bring us a menu and take our drink order. It turns out that he was doing the entire outside and it was a long way from the actual restaurant. I finally had the well known boiled beef that is actually pot roast. I have never had such yummy pot roast. All the little extras that came with it made it a memorable meal. Guess what, no asparagus. Neal had a wonderful goulash.
After dinner we were on a hunt for an authentic coffee house. We were not successful in finding one of the ones we had read about but we ate at an annex to the Sacher Café and I had Maria Theresa coffee that included an orange liquor and Neal and I shared an Apple Struedel.
Let me mention the bathrooms in Vienna. This is a big deal for me. You should try using a bathroom you don’t know with your eyes closed sometime. You might want to do it where you know you are alone. This is always my biggest travel challenge. All the bathrooms here have been clean and logically laid out. The paper, soap, flusher, and towels are always where I expect them to be. The US could take a lesson here.
We walked home after dinner and did not get lost. Now that we are leaving here Thursday we know our way. We did a load of laundry and went to bed.

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