Tuesday In Salzburg

Tuesday in Salzburg

We started our day with breakfast in the hotel. We did not get the package that includes breakfast but there was nothing open very early around us so we purchased breakfast. It was very good and they would even cook us eggs. I think we will continue eating here.
My biggest complaint about this hotel is that the reception person leaves at 3:00 pm and there is no one to answer questions after that.
We took a tour with Bob’s Tours. They use small busses. They picked up up at our hotel. We had 6 other people in our group and they were all very nice. Please don’t ask me to name all the places we saw. We learned all the myths about the story and the movie. We ate pastry, of course. The Tour lasted 5 hours.
It rained all day. The bus dropped us as Mirabell Palace. We strolled the breathtaking gardens umbrella and all. I got to touch some funny gnome statues. We saw a bride and groom posing for their wedding photos. I think they were going directly to the delivery room from the photo shoot.
Next Neal did a great job of finding the Mozart birth house. It was raining harder. You have to climb to the third floor and work your way down. I really liked visiting this because I read two different books covering this part of Mozart’s life. Actually, I think I am more a fan of his sister.
Then more rain to walk through on our way home. We went to the burger joint a couple of doors from our hotel called Bio Burger Meister. Leave it to Neal to find the best burger in town right by our hotel. Everything was fresh and organic. They even used grass fed beef. We ate too much. We took our usual nap and were once again awakened by the pounding of the bells. Neal recorded it.
We were kind of struggling with what to do with our evening. It was really raining now and we could have been talked into staying in but it just felt wrong. We were really not hungry. The burgers were well lodged in our stomachs. We just decided to walk and see what we found. My water proof jacket, I love this jacket, It is however over 10 years old, was not so water proof. We both got soaked in spite of our umbrella. We could find nothing open I guess things just shut down when they can’t use the sidewalk tables. When we were walking up to one place, a woman opened the door and said that she was sorry but they were over booked and slammed the door on us. We were cold and wet. We went into a big hotel and someone at the front desk gave us some names of places that might be open.
We did find a place and got warm and mostly dry and had a great dinner. I don’t even remember the name of this restaurant but they were so nice. They had fish I wanted but it was only served as the entire fish and I am not good at eating around the head and everything else. The server came back and said they would bone it for me. It was trout and very delicious.
We got home around 10:00 and I was not very tired. We worked on a plan for Wednesday and I read for a long time before I fell asleep.

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