Wednesday In Salzburg

Wednesday in Salzburg
Wednesday was our 20th anniversary. Thanks to those who helped make our wedding special, especially Mary Beth and Leslie.
We did so many things; I am going to have trouble remembering all of them.
We started with our usual breakfast and then headed out into the rain. It sure does like to rain around here. We had decided to do the rick Steves walking tour. We hit a lot of the spots on our Sound of Music tour so we figured we could cover the walk in the hour that it was supposed to take. Well, once again we were the exception to prove the rule. We made it to item 8 out of 16. This will be continued today.
I know I am not going to get all of this in the right order so I apologize now. When we went to see the Cathedral there was a choir singing. We found a seat under the dome where the sound was best and just let our jaws drop. We only were there for the last two songs but I am so glad we had even that much.
The Salzburg museum had a heart wrenching exhibit on World War 1 that took us over an hour to go through. Neal read me the entire signage and I know it was hard for him. After that we could not bring ourselves to visit the rest of the museum. Before we started the exhibit the glockenspiel played. It is located on the roof and quite playful.
Next we visited the panorama. This is a 365 degree painting that is about 25 feet tall. It shows the way the city looked when it was painted. I think this was in the late 1800s but I am not sure. The have steps up to a platform that puts you in the center of the picture. They had one of those stand up wheel chairs that can go up stairs located for people to use who could not do the stairs. I found this very unusual and thoughtful.
We found a sign saying there would be a concert in the Old residence at 3:00 and decided we would try to go.
There was a musician in the street playing a violin that he had amplified. The sound was so lovely we just had to stand there in the rain and listen. He was playing under an arch that gave even more depth to the sound and also kept him dry.
We then visited the Dom Quarter. This was the residence of the guy in charge of both the city and the church. Salzburg was an independent city until later in history. We lost another hour here. We used an audio tour and they had a couple of chairs to sit in in each room. All day it seemed like we had everything to ourselves.
Next it was time for the concert. This was a soloist playing the harpsichord. This is not my favorite instrument but she played pieces that Mozart wrote when he was 6 and 8 years old. Holy Moly is all I can say.
The silly bells are banging again. I never ever thought I would complain about bells. Is there something I don’t know about May 29th Thursday, at 9:17? They have been playing or actually clanging for 10 minutes and they are going strong.
We got home yesterday around 4:30 after stopping for the inevitable pastry. I had crapes with apricot jam and they made me think of the ones my dad used to make a couple of times a year.
We went out again for dinner at about 8:00.
The bells finally stopped.
We ate at the restaurant we thought we ate at on Monday night. I need to make a correction here. On Monday we actually ate at Zum Mohren. This was a wonderful place. Last night we ate at Saran Essbar. This place was just so so .
We stopped at the bar that is part of our hotel for a night cap. The bar tender here loves us. Honest he does. He keeps saying so.
Then we took a short walk and went to bed.

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