Our Last day in Salzburg and Starting The Trip Home

Last Day in Salzburg and Making Our Way Home

We headed out for one last pastry and we spent quite a while in the Cathedral. We were kind of hoping to stumble on some music but no such luck. However we spent quite a while in the lower level of the Cathedral.
We picked up our bags and headed to the train station. We found seats after getting on the train in the wrong car and settled in for a not very long ride.
We changed trains in Munich and headed to the outlining town where we would spend our last night in a Marriott Court Yard. Actually this hotel was quite surprising and it even had a nice bar and restaurant. We asked for directions to a restaurant. We pretty well remembered the directions but not the name of the restaurant. After about a 10 minute walk we found a little group of shops and restaurants. For the record, it was not raining. We thought we wanted Bavarian food but we found a very charming place called Kathy’s Steak House. The name kind of grabbed us. It just seemed so out of place. The greeter said we could only have a table if we thought we would be finished in 2 hours. Both Germany and Austria assume you will keep your table all night. Since we needed to be up and moving at 4:00 am we were certain we would be finished in two hours.
The food was really tasty. The setting was very sweet and tasteful. It was a surprising special meal for our last night.
At 4:00 am we were up and moving smoothly. We easily made the shuttle to the airport that turned out to be a taxi. We were headed home and I was really ready to sleep in my own bed.
This had been a wonderful trip and everything we hoped it would be. Now it is time to start planning for the next trip.
I will pull together a list of my favorite books for that I read about the area we visited and post it very soon.
Thanks for traveling wit us and I hope you enjoyed the journey.

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