Books About Austria

Books About Austria

I have finally put together the list of books about Austria that most added to our travel experience. Every book on this list made me more aware of some part of life in Austria in the past and now. I have not listed them in any order. You will find a mix of Fiction, Historic Fiction and non fiction. I have listed about half the books I read and I tried to pick the ones that most pertained to Vienna and Salzburg. I hope you are able to enjoy a wonderful country through reading some of these books.
I also read as much as I could find by Rick Steves including listening to the walking tours several times before I even stepped on the plane.
My very favorite book of all was The Little Book.
Happy traveling.

House of Wittgenstein: A Family At War
Alexander Waugh
Vienna, 1814, How The Conquerors of Napoleon Made Love, War and Piece At The Congress Of Vienna
By David King
Vienna Waltz
By Teresa Grant
The Lady in Gold
Anne-Marie O’Connor
Austria Culture Smart
Peter Gieler
The Battle
Patrick Rambaud
Airs Above the Ground
Mary Stewart
Freud’s Mistress
Karen Mack
The Third Man
Graham Greene
The Setting Of The Pearl, Vienna under Hitler
Thomas Weyr

Mozart’s Sister, A Novel
Rita Charbonnier
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers
Maria Augusta Trapp
The Emperor’s Tomb
Joseph Roth
Freud’s Sister, A Novel
Goce Smilevski
The Empty Mirror, a Viennese Mystery
Sydney J. Jones
The Little Book
Selden Edwards
The Memorist
M. J. Rose
Thunder At Twilight 1913-1914
Frederic Morton

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