Pick Me Pick Me

Pick Me, Pick Me

I have found my strength. I know some people might call it an obsession but I think it is both.
I know you are all getting tired of hearing me ramble on about my Fitbit. I do get a bit carried away. I know I have a thing for numbers and counting and at 67 I have learned to accept this about myself. Other people might find it a bit more difficult to put up with.
Now here is the other side of the story.
As a child, I was always the last one picked for everything. That is everything other than getting the first choice of the piece of cake or dish of ice cream. If it was for any kind of team or sport I was the last person standing. In fact, the gymm teacher used to offer an extra person if I would just get picked. This was absolutely no fun but as my father would have said, this would just build character. Maybe I have too much character?
Now I have a little group of friends on Fitbit and I am the number one walker of the group. Do you hear that, or should I say see that? I am number one. If there were a real team I might get picked first.
So, I rest my case. I am allowed to obsess over my step total and mile total all I want.
Now the real question is what happens when someone passes me. What if I get sick or for some reason can’t get my steps? Will I then go back to character building?

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