Emotion Soup

Emotion Soup

Sorry I have not written for a while. This has been an Emotional week. I am caught between very good things and quite scary things.
I will start with the tough news that my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Our mother is a breast cancer survivor of 22 years so now we are convinced this ugly disease has a grip on the women in our family. My sister has always been very prompt about getting her yearly mammogram and this still snuck up on her. She had surgery yesterday and her prognoses is very good. However she likely has a rocky road ahead of her and I live too far away to be as much help as I would like.
The silver lining in this cloud is seeing how much our family and friends have circled their wagons around my sister and our family. My daughter jumped right in and started a team to walk in the Boston walk for breast cancer scheduled on October 5th. She named the team for the zip code of the neighborhood where my sisters and I grew up. This is the neighborhood we all visited just a couple of months ago.
This disease is scary and needs to be stopped. We will be doing our best to nip it in the bud.
The good news is that the dog sitter arrives later today and we are off to the UK for our grandson’s wedding. This still feels very odd to me but a nice kind of odd. The wedding is next Wednesday and we have a busy family schedule for the entire week. I will bring my computer and hopefully blog the week. This blog will be full of more crazy family stuff than it will be of travel adventures but I am sure a few adventures will sneak in.

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