The Brittish Side

The British Side
Sorry it took me so long to write. It seems like we have been pretty busy but I am not sure why. Weave hooked our daughter-in-law on counting steps.
Our trip over was uneventful. Even flying through Paris did not seem so bad. Did you know you cannot buy duty free in Paris and bring it into England? No great Scotch purchases for us. It is less expensive in the English super market.
We have a funky silver Peugeot rental car with some fancy things we have not seen in the US but it is not an automatic so Neal is having fun relearning how to drive a clutch.
Our grandson is as cute as ever. Did you know wining sounds the same on this side of the pond?
This might be our last visit unless we come over to visit the older two grandsons. I think our son and his wife are moving to Florida next summer. I wish they were moving closer to us but it will be easier to visit Florida. I am so grateful to have had all these visits to the UK. I feel like this is my second country. I think they will both miss living here.
Sunday afternoon we met our new granddaughter-in-law. She is very sweet but they are both so very nervous about the wedding.
They are using the movie Up as the theme to their wedding with a little sprinkle of Lego. Zack made a ring box out of Lego that is so very sweet. Deacon will be the ring bearer. I think Deacon also has lines to say. The wedding is tomorrow which is Wednesday. Where is the time going?
There is a small diner that is about a mile and a half from here and we have been walking there for breakfast. Deacon is taking his scooter. It is a lovely walk. The, very large development that the kids live on is part of a former US military base. Bent water, the main part of the base is now an office park but there are still some military things there including some very large planes. This is fun for Deacon and we are all getting our steps.
The weather has been kind of cool but nice for walking.
The first night we were here we went to a neighborhood party. These people have a large shed, the ultimate man cave, in their back yard. I think Neal is dreaming about this especially since we are getting a new shed. I am afraid that a 6 by 10 shed will not be much of a man cave.
Tonight we will all drive to a hotel for the next two nights. Tomorrow is all day wedding stuff.

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