Welcome To Our Family

Welcome To Our New Family Member

Well, it is official. Ches Green is now ches Powell and a member of our crazy family.
Yesterday was the big event and everything went off famously as the Brittish might say. The weather was perfect. Sometimes it was a little cool but never cool enough to make me wish I had warmer clothes.
The venue was a lovely old manor house with grounds and gardens to die for. We wandered through gardens at various times during the day. The wedding and all surrounding events were in side.
Ches and Zack made hundreds of beautiful paper flowers that were artfully placed on every surface. The food was amazing and there was plenty of it all during the day.
I was somewhat concerned because we were going to be there for about ten hours and I really did not think that I was up to partying for that much time without a nap.
We arrived around 12:30 because Deacon was going to be part of the service and he needed a little practice time. The ceremony started at 1:30. The bride walked down the isle to a theme from the Movie UP. Zack and Ches wrote their own vows and you could feel the love in the room.
Next we all went outside for photos. The bar was now open.
At 4:00 we went in to dinner and then the serious party began. It was great to see so many of Zachary’s mother’s family that we don’t see very often. It was also nice having so much time with my son and his wife and Deacon and Gabriel. Everyone was on their best behavior.
Later other people arrived who were not part of the earlier party and more food was served.
I can’t really explain how nice it was to see Zack and Ches start the next part of their lives and the next generation of our family. I wish my mom and dad could have been there.
Now it is Thursday and we are all a little tired. We left the hotel this morning and stopped for breakfast on our way home. No one actually fell asleep in the car which surprised me.
Neal and I just got back from a quick run into town to get some cash and walk a little bit. This will be a poor step counting day.

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