Last Three Days In The UK

Last Three Days in The UK

We are safely at home and we miss the UK family desperately. I always hate the good bye part of the trip.
Our last three days were full of fun that gave us great memories.
On Thursday night we had dinner with friends and really enjoyed catching up. We ate at the same pub where we had breakfast the first morning we were there. The food was good although the poor server had to keep coming out and telling me they did not have what I ordered. He felt so bad but I ended up with a lovely meal. There is wonderful sea food in that part of England. Then we took a long walk along the river and ended the night with a glass of port in a little place where we sat out side. It was kind of cool but the port helped keep me warm.
Friday night was Karaoke at the neighborhood pub. Our son does this as a side line and he is quite entertaining. His wife has a professional sounding voice. At least I think so. We were up very late. Pubs are different in the UK because kids can be there. Even the kids were singing.
Saturday night we continued a family tradition. We find a really silly but scary movie to watch and everyone audio describes it to me. Things get a little crazy but we end up having a great time. We had take away Indian food that was really great.
Oh, I forgot to tell you something funny about the pub. They do not serve food but there is a Chinese take away place next door. You just go in and order your food and tell them you will be in the pub. After a few minutes, the phone in the pub rings three times and you know your food is ready. I don’t know what they do if several people decide to eat at the same time.
We all went out for breakfast on Sunday morning and Michael, Nicole and Deacon were off to visit great grandma and we were off to the airport. The trip home was uneventful and although we were exhausted, we were glad to get home.
I might have mentioned that I had been having trouble getting my Fitbit to connect to my team in America but it did finally work and I was able to compete from the UK. We ended up behind but now I am back in a not very strong first place.
I read several books on the trip and I think the next thing I write will be a book review. I want to thank my victor Stream for doing such a good job of keeping me entertained.

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