Silver Linings

You know how life has a way of throwing surprises in your path? You know how sometimes they are mixed with good and not so good? Well, last week end was certainly one of those surprises. Early in the morning I received a text from our daughter. Yes, texting seems to be the way we mostly communicate these days. I am getting used to it and it is not a bad thing. She said that her husband’s mother had a heart attack and he had gone up to New Hampshire to be with his dad.
We really wanted to help in some way so we offered to go to their house and stay with their two dogs. We had no idea how long we would be there but we both needed to be back by Monday morning unless we did some schedule rearranging. We through some things in a bag grabbed the dog and our computers and were off.
Friday and Saturday were really really hot. They kind of have air conditioning but not so much.
Friday evening we walked to the neighborhood pub for dinner. We had been there a few times before so we knew the way. It was hot and Neal’s back was bothering him but we walked slowly and it is not a very long walk.
Since we have both become Fitbit users a mile feels like we really need to be walking more.
Saturday morning we decided to walk to a breakfast place Leslie told us about. We had been there before but we had driven. We did get a little lost but we found sound Bites and had a wonderful breakfast. I had Moroccan eggs and they were very tasty and totally healthy.
It was getting hotter.
I used their tread mill and Neal watched college football on their very big screen TV.
We decided to try a longer walk and headed to a movie in Davis square. This is about 2 miles from their house but of course we got lost. I really was hot and I needed to sit down for a break. Why did we not bring water? We found the Somerville Theater and saw BoyHood. This is a movie that should not be missed. Did you know that there is a museum of bad art in the theater basement? What fun this was.
We had an amazing dinner at the Painted Burro. We asked people on the street to suggest a restaurant. We had the best Mexican food we had ever eaten other than Mexico. Then the rains came. The people at the restaurant gave us an umbrella but it was raining far too hard. They called us a taxi and we almost rowed our way home.
The next morning it was back to Sound Bites. It was a lot shorter walk when we were not lost. I had the Boston Blue plate that included a grilled blueberry muffin. Totally off my diet but worth every extra step. It was accompanied by a small cheddar omelet, bacon and the best potatoes ever. I gave Neal my bacon, ate a few bites of my potatoes and the entire omelet and muffin.
That evening it was back to Davis Square and eating at the Foundry. I had salmon and it was another unbelievable meal.
The best part of the week end is that Vaughn’s mother is doing really well. She might be going home today.
I love our family and we were so glad to be able to help. We never expected to have such nice things happen while we were helping.

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