Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends
It is early Sunday morning and I can’t seem to sleep. I have not even been able to read myself to sleep. I think my brain is in high gear with so many exciting things going on.
I spent the last two days in Vermont or getting back and forth from Vermont. Michelle and I went up to the Vermont Association of the Blind to conduct a workshop. It was great to see old friends and meet the new kids on the block who are coming up in the blindness field. Of course the fall colors were amazing. How lucky to have to go up there the exact time the colors were at their peak.
Tomorrow or I guess it is today, my brilliant daughter is walking for her graduation from the University of Phoenix. We are all so very proud of her. The event is in the stadium where the Patriots play. This might be the only time we actually see the inside of the stadium and what a wonderful reason to go there.
Sunday we leave for Nova Scotia and I have not packed a thing. That is probably what I should b doing right now. Martin, our dog, is already looking forward to his week with his friend who will be staying at our house. We are driving to Portland to pick up our friend from NY City who will be joining us for the week. She has done most of the work planning this trip. I feel a bit like a lazy slug.
I will do my best to keep up this blog when I have access to the internet.
Neal will be doing a lot of driving although we are taking the Nova Star from Portland to Yarmouth. Then up to Cape Bretton for two nights. Next we have three nights in Queen’s Point and a last night in St. Johns before driving back home.
Who knows where I will be for the next entry.

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