All Aboard

All Aboard for Nova Scotia

Neal and I left for Portland at about noon on Sunday. I have to admit that we were pretty much exhausted before we left home. We woke up early Sunday morning, walked to breakfast and came home and packed and did a few things around the house. It is easier to travel when you can just toss things in the trunk of the car.
We picked up our friend Waverly at the airport in Portland. We walked around for a while and met another friend at a wonderful Thai restaurant. Portland sure has a lot of great places to eat. We
We were then off to figure out how to get on the Nova Star and start our adventure.
Things went quite smoothly but then Neal was having a very lucky day so things were bound to go smoothly. We parked the car and took what we needed for our one night on the boat. Shortly after we got to our cabin I realized I had forgotten my book. This would be a night without Victor, could I survive?
Our cabin was quite nice. We had a lovely although small bathroom and two comfortable twin beds. There were pull down beds above so we could have actually fit four people in our cabin. We had a little trouble finding Waverly’s room. We kept forgetting our room numbers. I think we really were pretty tired.
We had a drink and watched the lights of Portland as we pulled away. The motion of the boat was starting to put us to sleep. It was back to our rooms and to sleep even without a book.
We met for breakfast and watched the sun rise over the ocean. Life is good.
It was kind of slow getting off the ship but soon we were on our way to Baddeck and our first night in Canada.
We laughed at Neal’s jokes and at me and my fitbit. I discovered that I could kind of March in place while riding in the car and get steps. This is a very hard way to get steps but it beats sitting still for 8 hours and feeling stiff when I get out of the car.
We stopped for lunch in a place called Oliver’s Gastro Pub. I swear that the GPS called it Oliver’s Gastro Dump. By the way we have dulling GPSs. Lunch was delicious and the place was not a dump but such it will be always remembered.
The ride was so very pretty. I had two people describing things for me.
We arrived at the Water’s Edge B and B where we would spend our first two nights. Waverly did a great job fining places to stay. Our room is large and full of great pieces of furniture. Soon I will be testing out the bed.
We walked to dinner at the Bell Buoy restaurant and I had Halibut. Everything was perfect. We split two desserts and just relaxed and planned our next few days.
Now it is time to fall into what looks like a wonderful bed with a big soft quilt. I have my book and I am looking forward to a great night’s sleep. Tomorrow is another day as they say.

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