tuesday in Nova Scotia

Terrific Tuesday
We all slept well in our new digs at
The Water’s edge which is literally at the waters edge on a huge lake called Brasd’or. We met for breakfast and planned our day. We walked to the Fiber exhibit and Neal fell in love with an amazing quilt that is backed with fabric that is as close to tie Die as you can get. The quilt is going home with us.
I may not have mentioned that I have a husband who is addicted to tie die. Things could be worse.
All the quilters were so excited that we bought the quilt that they took our picture with our purchase.
Next we went to hear music at the local church but there was no way we could squeeze in.
There is a huge music festival going on called Celtic Colours. Music is happening everywhere. We walked to the Alexander Graham Bell museum to hear a concert. We first had wonderful oat cookies. The concert was fun and next it was time to get back in the car for more driving.

We headed up the Cabot trail. This is a big loop and takes about 7 hours to complete. We did not have nearly that much time so we picked out a small rout taking us to Margaree Valley The scenery here was overwhelming and we were told that if we went further things just got more and more beautiful.
We went to a little salmon museum that was about the size of a small house. Actually part of it was a little one room school house. A very sweet older woman showed us around and turned on the little video. This place was packed with everything ever used for salmon fishing. I was actually completely intrigued. Who would have guessed? People must have been donating stuff from their grandpa’s attics for years. Then it was off to Bell Frazier’s pottery. She had some great stuff but I was still stunned by the salmon museum. The last stop for this outing was the Dancing Goat for a late lunch. The food was very good and people were so friendly. It is common here to place your order just as you walk in the door and then sit down. Someone will bring you your food.
We then started on our way to Cleveland; yes that is what I said. Actually we were not quite sure where we were going but we had tickets to a concert that proved we were going somewhere. We drove for quite a long time never being quite sure we were even headed in the right direction. The GPS seemed to have some idea where we were going even though we never found the address let alone the town. We found the only person within miles to ask directions and he sent us off on our way with a little more hope that we were doing this right. We were in the middle of absolutely no where. How could there be a concert in this farm country. But, low and behold, all of a sudden all the streets were there that we were looking for and the community center was right where it should be.
This community center was quite large and was filling up completely. Soon the music began and it was so very much fun. The acoustics were so good that we could hear the toilets flush in the bathroom. I am not kidding. There were three bands and the best was We Three Banjos. There were four of them and only two banjos but they played better than they could count.
When the show was over we had quite a long drive ahead of us. We all climbed into Larry’s car and he told Neal to open the glove box and get us a surprise. He had purchased us each a huge peanut butter chocolate chip cookie that gave us the energy to get home.
We crawled into bed well after midnight.
I did not realize how much we did that day until I started writing this entry.
We were taking advantage of our little time in cape Bretton.
Thanks again to Waverly for doing all this planning.

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