Wednesday at White Point Resort

Wednesday, another Day On The road

After another great night’s sleep, Neal and I were up a little early and took a lovely walk along the water. Neal worked to try to get the perfect Lighthouse picture. We met for breakfast and got pretty chummy with our host. He is also a fitbit junky. We then loaded up the car and checked out.
It was back to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. The museum is across some water from his actual house. There are still some family members living in other houses on the property but the big house is empty. We did a tour with another couple and a very friendly tour guide. She took a bag of things I could touch that she showed me at various times in the tour. AGB was a very fascinating and brilliant man. His wife was deaf and he spent most of his life working out solutions to help deaf people speak. He made a lot of money on the phone and Bell stock.
Then we hopped in the car and set off for White Point. We were on the road at about noon and would arrive at our destination at about 6:30. We passed stunning scenery and stopped for a great lunch at the Prissy Pig.
We found White Point without any trouble. This place is a really big deal around here. I have no idea how big the property is but it is the size of a small town. We checked in and made dinner reservations then headed off to find our cottage.
We could not believe it when we pulled into our drive way. We have a beautiful small house with a huge two level deck. We are surrounded by forest. We have two bedrooms and bathrooms and a full kitchen. The fireplace is all loaded with wood and ready for a fire. The inside wood box is full and so is the box on the porch. The problem is that it has been 75 degrees every day. We might get a storm on Friday and be able to sit by our fire.
We went to the lodge for dinner and I had salmon that was fresh and very well cooked and served. We walked to and from dinner. We got a little lost on the way there. It is a little over a mile from our house to the lodge and like I said, this is all on White Point Resort property. The houses are all nicely spaced so you feel like you are alone and like you are walking in the woods far in the country. I guess this is far in the country.
This resort is open all year and we were told they get very little snow. We are on the sea and there is a lake here as well. There are balsam trees perfuming the air and the sound of waves to lull us to sleep. We are loving RCI right now.

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