Thursday, A Day of Rest?

Thursday a Day of Rest?

We woke up in our forested retreat, still feeling like we landed in heaven. I know that Nova Scotia is noted for its scenery but you really could see it all right here and the scent of the various trees dusted with the slightly salty smell of the sea is my favorite thing.
We walked to breakfast. Waverly is being a good sport with this walking thing. I think she is a bit unsure about walking in such unpopulated spaces. I guess compared to the big city this is another planet that is meant to be driven through.
Our breakfast was delightful. I had still more salmon but this time in an omelet. Neal had all the bacon he could eat and very few carbs. Everyone was happy.
Then we came home and sat on our porch and read. A very small shower brushed over us, just enough to catch our attention.
They have bunnies here. I love that they call them bunnies. They even have free little bags of bunny food. There are all sizes of bunnies.
I really want to come back here, can you tell?
Oh, there are even bunny Adirondack chairs with big bunny ears.
Next we went to Little Keiji which is a national park with two trails. We took the shorter one and put another 3 miles on our Fit bit. Once again Waverly was a great trouper. She was watching for bears.
We were getting low on gas and our GPS known as Sacajawea, found us a gas station and we also had a recommendation for a restaurant in Liverpool. We found it with no trouble. It was called Lane’s Privateer Inn and the food was very nice. I switched to scallops this time that were local.
We got home and changed into our swim suits and ended the evening in the hot tub. Even I was ready to drive there. Somehow walking a mile did not seem right after relaxing in a hot tub. We were the only ones there and so enjoyed it.
A glass of Scotch and a little reading while Neal watched the Patriots ended another perfect day.
I forgot to mention a funny story. Waverly had a new swim suit. When she got it out she noticed that the little Please Don’t Steal Me thing was still on it. What could she do? She had to wear it. We teased her and said it was full of black die and would explode when it got wet.

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