October Storm for the Records

An October storm for the records
My daughter, her husband and two very small dogs decided to spend the week end in our cottage in Maine.
I have told you about this cottage. It is in Rockland and we all go up there for the ability to take lovely walks and to eat in great restaurants. Neal and I have made some good friends up there but Leslie and Vaughn really like the feeling of hiding out.
We heat with a small monitor heater that does a great job as long as we have power. Our water comes from a well and also depends on power to keep it running.
On Saturday a big storm hit. Big wind and lots of snow were in the picture. Things did not get too bad until Sunday.
Now, I will mention, that I lose a lot of sleep over the power going out especially if it is really cold. The idea of pipes bursting really makes me crazy. This cottage is kind of my baby. I feel every second of its pain.
It would be interesting to count the texts between my daughter and me on Sunday. The snow was really coming down and wind was ripping through the trees. Yes, there are lots of trees and some of them still had leaves on them.
They went to our favorite breakfast place and the power went out. Not to fear, we are talking about tough New Englanders, the staff used their I Phone batteries to cook by.
The other big issue in this scenario is that there is a Patriots game in the afternoon. It is now too late for them to try to make it back to Boston. Branches are coming down everywhere and the power is good and out at the cottage.
More texts are going back and forth.
We can’t report the outage because we can’t find our account number with the power company.
They grabbed the dogs and made the treacherous mile drive to a motel. They found a bar with the only working TV in Rockland and watched the game.
The Patriots were kind enough to win for us.
After a good night sleep in the Trade Winds Motel, they returned to the cottage and the power was on. They packed up and headed home.
We will deal with all the down trees this week end but at least the cottage is fine.

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