Is Three A Crowd?

Is Three a Crowd?

A couple of weeks ago when we were in Rockland for a few days we went to a couple of movies. We saw a movie called Tracx that was wonderful. We also saw Gone Girl, not so great.
We saw Gone Girl at a big theater with several screens. There were three of us. We went on a Monday to the 4:00 show. Yes, I think that makes us official old people.
I guess there were no other old people who wanted to struggle through over 2 hours of Gone Girl, because we were the only ones in the theater. This meant we did not have to whisper although that was kind of hard to get used to.
When the movie first started I really had trouble hearing it. My hearing has been fading and I had a brief thought of going directly from the theater to the hearing aid store. I either got used to the volume or they turned it up but the hearing aid store did not get a sale.
So I had two audio describers who could just speak in normal voices and discuss their description. However, neither of them could hear everything so there was a lot of saying what did they say?
What a group we made. If there had been other people there they would have moved as far away as possible.

I read the book Gone Girl a while ago and I could not remember how it ended. I asked people before seeing the movie and most people could not remember the end or did not seem to want to talk about it. That is because the ending was really nasty. Unfortunately I see the eventual sequel to this movie in our future. It could be called Child of the two nastiest people in the world. Well, you might say one was nasty and one was just plane stupid.

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