Fitbit Lost and Found

Lost Fitbit?

Yesterday I started my day with a little trauma. I lost my Fitbit. Now, if you know me or if you have been following my blog, you know that this, for me, would be a huge big deal.
My Fitbit is the model that is about the size of a thumb drive. It does have a little holder with a clip but I usually just tuck it into my pocket and that is where I left it the night before. Or I was pretty sure that is where I left if.
One of the very first things I do in the morning is make coffee. When I was doing this I touched the pocket that was supposed to be holding my dear sweet step counter. It was not there. My heart almost came to a screeching halt.
I was sure, pretty sure, I had checked my steps just before I went to bed so I thought the little trouble maker had to be hiding in my bedroom.
I played detective and slowly explored a grid around my bed but no Fitbit.
Now I was beginning to think maybe I did not check my steps before going up to bed so I checked around my chair. Then I wondered if I checked my steps after I did my stretching so I grid checked that floor.
I decided I really needed the coffee I had made and sat down to watch the weather and try to relax. I was at the stage where I was promising myself I would still do all the steps even if I could not count them.
Now, another major frustration was that my I Phone was still connecting with the Fitbit. You would think this would make finding it easier but it made a connection everywhere in my house. This was absolutely no help.
Why can’t they include a feature in the app that says warmer, warmer, and hot while you are searching for the Fitbit? Or they could use ascending beeps. I will suggest this to my friends at Fitbit.
After drinking the coffee I took one more look around my bedroom. No Fitbit. Then I put my hand down on the bed, right on the Fitbit. I am sure some kind of elf put it right under my hand.
My life was back in shape.

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