Water Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop For Me

Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop for Me

Yesterday started as a normal day. I got up, ate breakfast, checked email and got on the tread mill. I had to move a little faster than some days because I needed to leave the house at 9:30 to do a library presentation. I know that is not early but it did mean I needed to pay attention. I kind of got lost in email again after tread milling but no problem. I already had my clothes laid out and I knew I could shower and dress in a bit more than a half hour.
I was already to shower; I turned on the water, a big nothing. Well, thought silly me, maybe it is just the shower so I tried the sink. Of course, there was still no water. Why, it was not that cold out, we live in a modern town, we paid our bill.
Now I was a little concerned. I had skipped a shower the previous day because my skin gets so dried out in the winter. That meant I also had not washed my hair. Do you remember that I had just been on the tread mill? Did I tell you I was on it for 70 minutes?
I had a problem.
I looked around for all our water bottles and of course they were mostly all empty. I found enough water to brush my teeth.
Then I looked at the toilet. I figured the water in the tank would be clean enough to at least wet down my bed head and wash a little.
Do you know how cold that water is?
Any way, to make a long story short, I was presentable by the time I had to leave.
I felt like quite the Girl Scout.
The water was back when I got home.
I remembered going two weeks without running water in Bangladesh so I knew I could do it. However I also knew, most likely, the water would be on when I got home.

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